Saturday, July 30, 2011

Kissing Comfort

From the back of the book:
Bode DeLong knows that his playboy brother Bram isn't really in love with Miss Comfort Kennedy, even though it's clear that she's enamored with him. With Bram's motives for the engagement suspect, Bode figures the safest place for Comfort to be is in his arms. Now, Bode just needs to convince Comfort that the childhood fancy she has for his brother is no match for the incredible desire that sparks between them every time they touch.

This was thanks to Goodreads giveaways.

This is the first book I have read from Jo Goodman. I really enjoyed the book. Comfort's "Uncles" had me laughing out loud. I did get a little confused in the beginning between Bram and Bode (which was which) but that's prob attributable to old age! LOL
I really liked Bode, he was so "devoted" to Comfort without really letting her know it, I think she is too independent to have put up with
much! I'm glad she finally came around to his way of thinking!

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