Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Two Graves

I received this book from the Library Thing member giveaway in exchange for a review.

From the description: Forty year old Preston Peterson, pudgy, myopic and socially inept, knows the terror of being bullied. From his earliest childhood memory, he has faced ridicule, name calling, harassment and beatings. Fear ruled his life, possessed him, controlled his every encounter with others. Now, he has killed. Now, rage rules his life. Digging out his despised High School year book, Preston uses computer aged photographs to find and kill look-alikes of his persecutors. The time has come for those who bullied him to pay the ultimate price for their torture. Preston is getting even and everyone is a target. But with a panicked city and Lieutenant Gregg Mann's task force looking for him, Preston should have remembered the Chinese proverb, "Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig TWO GRAVES."

I really enjoyed this book! couldn't put it down! The unique thing about it was that you were getting the story from the point of view of the police and the killer. Plus it was like two stories woven together, the "mafia guys" and the "serial killer".

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