Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Last Cowboy

This eBook was courtesy of Harlequin and NetGalley in exchange for review.

The Iconic Cowboy: Pure alpha male, fiercely protective of all he holds dear. The last of a dying breed. Otherwise known as a pain in the rear.

City Girl. It was written all over her like a sign warning him to keep off. Sure, Slade McPherson would train her horse… With his ranch one bad day away from foreclosure, he can’t afford to turn away a paying customer. But no way is this cowboy getting involved with a woman like Jordana Lawton—no matter how pretty she looks in a saddle.

Yet everything can change in an instant. A terrifying run-in with an angry bull tilts Slade’s world off its axis, leaving him wounded and unable to compete in a race that could change his future, for good. With Jordana by his side, he just might stand a chance. But what happens when this old-school cowboy finds himself falling for a modern city girl?

The Last Cowboy got me at page one and held me until the final page. The characters had depth and the plot moved quickly. The storyline was believable and the romance is fresh. This was a really sweet tale of two people learning to love and trust again. It is set around a horse ranch that trains for endurance races so it helps that I love horses.
Slade is the sexy rancher who has had way more than his share of bad luck in his life, Jordana is the woman who could see thru his stubborn exterior to the man underneath. Theirs is a sweet romance and I think they had a solid foundation to build on.

The story itself is strong enough to keep you Interested. The book is left wide open for another installment, looking forward to that.

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