Monday, November 21, 2011

One Brave Cowboy

This eBook courtesy of NetGalley and Harlequin.


Behind the bravado was a complex man. War hero. “Indian cowboy.” Walking wounded in search of answers. Cougar needed to build a new life, and he’d start with what he loved most. Horses. Which brought him to the Double D Wild Horse Sanctuary. And into the orbit of ranch volunteer Celia Banyon and her very special son.

The boy had suffered an unspeakable accident, and his mother felt unspeakable guilt. But something about Cougar brought her back from the brink. He represented her chance to be a woman again. Now, suddenly, one name wasn’t enough for what they could have if they’d just let themselves. Healing. Love. Family. Forever. In fact, the possibilities were endless…

I love Kathleen Eagle's books and she's done it again with this one!
Cougar is one of the best heroes I've read in a while, he has lots of problems but he isn't afraid to admit them and he's definitely working on them. He has a big heart because as many problems as he has to work on he doesn't back down from helping others too. I love watching the connection develop between him and Mark and Flyboy. Cougar is afraid to take a chance with Celia; he's unsure of what he'll do, but the appeal of a lovely woman, a kindred soul in the body of a horse, and a wonderful little boy just might be what's needed to heal them all.

Celia suffers terrible guilt over Mark's accident. She also suffers the pain of custody visits by her ex, who she knows is fighting for a big settlement to be gotten by his ambulance chasing attorney. The less she sees of her ex, the better off both she and Mark will be.

So if you want to read a feel good romance with a wonderful cowboy hero this is for you!

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