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The Unwilling Bride


Title:  The Unwilling Bride
Author:  Candy Ann Little
Publisher: Kingdom Kastle Publishing,Inc.
Length:  107,000 Words
Sub-Genres:Historical, Inspirational/Christian


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The Unwilling Bride




Set amid political unrest in 1789, Caitlin Gallagher finds herself in an arranged marriage. She hates the idea of marriage and loathes the man that is now her husband. With all the turmoil in her life, she starts to doubt her faith. Can Caitlin find faith in God and love in the arms of her enemy?
Dillon Cade’s quiet life is turned upside-down when he agrees to marry a young maiden to protect her. As he uses his newspaper to fight President Adams’ sedition acts and help Thomas Jefferson get elected, he must now also deal with an unwilling bride. Can Dillon tolerate her behavior long enough to win her trust?


The sun stood high in the sky warming the fragrant air that swirled around the occupants in the garden. The tinkling of water from a large fountain spouting crystal liquid into a small pool served as the backdrop for the couple. The red, gold, and yellow color scheme of autumn further complemented the choice of cream satin for the bride.
She stiffly smiled as they went through the ritual, reciting the sacred words and praying. When it came time for the ring, she slipped her glove off and gasped when Dillon slid the huge diamond on her third finger. After a few words of instruction the preacher pronounced them man and wife and told Dillon to kiss his bride.
Caitlin felt the heat from his body as he stepped closer, placing an arm around her waist. A smile played upon his lips, “Are you ready, my sweet?”
“Make haste and get it over with,” she groaned. The corners of her mouth turned down, but her head obediently tilted up. She closed her eyes bracing for the kiss, however both were unprepared for the spark that charged between them when their lips met. Caitlin’s eyes flew open and she would have backed away if the steel arms around her waist hadn’t tightened, keeping her anchored to that spot. He kissed her tenderly at first, gently moving his mouth above her own, producing sensations that were overwhelming and exciting. A soft moan escaped as her mouth responded to his lips.
The gnawing in the pit of Dillon’s stomach grew like wildfire causing his desire to quickly burn out of control. He deepened the kiss forcing Caitlin’s mouth open and greedily tasted the treasures inside. His kind, gentle lips turned fierce with longing and passion. Pulling her soft body even closer against his hard muscled chest produced emotions that rampaged through his soul, tormenting his body.
Caitlin hesitantly complied at first, but soon found her own hunger quietly abiding behind the reluctant facade. She wound her arms around his neck inching as close as possible. All other feelings fled leaving behind a craving that only his touch would quench. Eventually, confusion emerged from somewhere deep in the crevice of her heart, reminding her that Dillon was her enemy.
Managing to find some strength in her feeble limbs, she pushed at his rock hard chest breaking the mysterious spell they’d fallen under. A shaky hand flew to her mouth touching the warm wetness left behind. She was thankful he didn’t immediately withdraw his hands from her waist or she’d have toppled over. His kiss seemed to suck the strength from her body and mind. She felt a little embarrassed. Having never been kissed like that before, she didn’t know if her reaction had been appropriate.
Dillon vaguely heard the crowd cheering as his senses slowly returned. Remembering they were still in front of their wedding guests, he wondered what they thought of such a passionate display. He’d only meant to give her a little kiss to seal the vows. How had it turned into an ardent demonstration of emotion?

Candy-Ann Little grew up in a small town in Ohio, but now resides in Michigan with her husband and two teenage kids. She is a substitute for paraprofessionals and teacher assistants in the public schools, mostly working with the autistic program and kids with learning disabilities.
She also enjoys helping with church activities. Her favorite things to do besides writing is reading, cooking and baking. 

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