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Review/Giveaway Sometimes It's Fate


Sometimes It's Fate

(Canada's Finest Bk 1)

Angela S. Stone

Phaze Publishing

185 pages

M/M Erotic Romance

Jason McCarthy is gay. He’s also a police officer living in a small-minded northern New Brunswick town where being gay could spell the end of his career. When an impending snowstorm threatens to strand his best friend and policing partner, David, Jason offers up his spare room for the night - a move that reveals Jason’s secret, and changes their friendship and lives forever.

David Richard isn’t gay- at least he doesn’t think he is. He knows he loves his best friend, and he admits to feelings that had started after a tragic accident almost a year before. When David acts on these feelings, it doesn’t go well, leaving both men alone and hurt. Jason, however, doesn’t think twice about stepping in and rescuing David’s children when their mother abandons them. The move brings David and Jason back together, but Jason’s past rears its ugly head and they both have to make difficult decisions that are sometimes best left up to fate.


“I think we should go out to dinner,” Jason told David, his head resting on his partner’s stomach as they watched the television.

“We just ate dinner,” David reminded him gently.

“I don’t mean now, I mean like this weekend we’re both off. On Saturday we should go out for a fancy dinner,” Jason said looking up at his partner.

“Fancy? In Bathurst?” David snorted. “Where do you have in mind?”

“What about that place by the theatre?” Jason suggested.

“Over priced, crappy food.”

“The one by the grocery store?”


“The Greek place on Main Street?”

David smiled. “That is a good idea.” Jason settled back on David only to be disturbed when David asked. “Why do you want to go out to dinner?”

“Because I thought it would be nice.”

“Just nice?”

Jason slid up David’s body so that he was fully lying on top of him. He kissed the older man. “I want us to go on a proper date.”

“A date?” David murmured.

“Mmhmm. You know we’ve been together for close to two months, and we’ve never gone on a proper date.” Jason shifted so that David could feel how much he wanted him.

“Has it been that long?”

“The twenty-first.”

“You know the date.” David laughed. “I never gave it any thought.”

“I was thinking about it on Monday,” Jason admitted softly.

David reached around and hugged the younger man tight to him. It had been a rough couple of days. Monday had been the one year anniversary of the accident.

Jason snuggled into David’s embrace, grateful for his understanding. David had always understood his feelings about the crash. He’d always been there for Jason, supporting him. Even in those horrible days after, he had been a steady hand that guided Jason. It was then that Jason realised that their relationship was much more than co-workers, much more than friends. He never dreamed it would get to this level. To the point where Jason was sure that they were in love—even if they hadn’t said those exact words yet.

“Can I tell you something,” David asked.

“Besides the fact that I’m probably smushing you,” Jason replied.

David scrunched his nose and Jason planted a kiss on it. “I think that’s when I realized I loved you.”

Tears welled up in Jason eyes and he blinked them back. “Oh,” was the only response he could manage without losing it completely.

“It’s crazy right?” David continued. “Something so awful. But somehow this happened. Something good from something horrendous. I’ll never understand it. But I’m grateful to have found you.”

Tears tracked down Jason’s face as David spoke. He had felt that way for so long. “It’s almost like it was fate.”

“Fate,” David mumbled kissing the tears off of Jason’s face. “I like that.”

They kissed, softly. Jason sat up and pulled David with him. They pushed clothes aside, and David took Jason on the couch. A slow intense burn that left them both physically and emotionally exhausted. Jason cried during their love making. Not out of fear or anger or pain, but out of love. Because Jason didn’t think they were in love anymore. He knew. He knew down to every fiber of his being that he loved this man. He wanted nothing more than to know that David felt the same way.



Phaze Publishing




Angela, is a twenty-something Registered Nurse and writer living and working in central Canada. She is a proud Canadian and an even prouder girl from back east. She thoroughly enjoys writing novels featuring character that live in or are from the Maritimes. Angela freely admits to living at starbucks when writing as well as being a bit of a social hermit, when she isn’t busy looking for Mr. Right (or hey even Mr. Wrong) she is working hard on advocating for persons with disabilities.

Twitter: @angelasstone

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  2. This book sounds amazing. Can't wait to read it. Put it on my wishlist. Thanks for the blog tour.

  3. I entered the giveaway but only read print publications, so if this is eBook only, disregard my entries.

  4. Very nice excerpt.

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